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German Course Intermediate Level B1

During this course you will be prepared for B1 Level Exam of German language conducted by Goethe Institute.

This course will include all four module of language i.e. reading, writing , listening and speaking .The emphasis during the course will be given more on communicative approach of language.


Course Content:

You will learn the following and more as part of the B1 curriculum:

  • To discuss about famous personalities and their biographies.
  • To discuss about own experiences and small or big changes of life.
  • To review and rate films , to talk about the content of a film and describing it, talk about irreal wishes .
  • To describe home country and discuss about dream country. To plan a journey , describing about it .
  • Understanding German marketing and advertising system and trends ,consumption, behavior, how to complaint or claim.
  • To discuss about information, to express presumptions.
  • To describe statistics and graphics.
  • To discuss about relationships and own experiences about them.
  • Discuss about latest trends , fashion .
  • To talk about courtesy and body language.
  • To talk about workflow, technical developments , discuss about multiple intelligence and individual talents.
  • To discuss about court cases, crime , laws, convictions and express one´s own opinion.
  • To discuss germen historic events experiences, memories also describe and discuss a political system.
  • To discuss about the life in future and future resolutions, promises to express presumptions and warnings , To talk about future traffic problems.
  • Talking about rules, regulations and guidelines.
  • To discuss about failure and success, to talk out own and others mistakes.
  • To discuss about the mistakes one does while applying for a job position, to conduct an interview. Writing application letters; Interviewing effectively.
  • To discuss about famous German fairytales by Bruder Grimm.


German Language Academy

Courses Name Fees Action
Beginner Level - A1
Elementry Level - A2
Intermediate Level - B1
Upperintermediate Level - B2
Advance Leval - C1
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