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Benefits of Learning German



Sprach-Aktiv is a widely recognized training academy for German language in Delhi/NCR. We are one among the very few premium training institutes to offer updated long-distance German Online Classes across the globe. Our portfolio of Online German Language courses is designed and taught by Professors with decades of academics & teaching experience. We came up with a vision to make the German language accessible to everyone with the online platform. Students and working professionals alike may benefit from our courses, which are tailored to meet the needs of everyone who wants to learn the language.

You may take up our online classes from the comfort of your home or workplace and still acquire the knowledge you need. Our technical and tutor team ensures that your classes are effectively managed without a hassle. We are interested in imparting knowledge on the positive aspects of German culture & heritage. Though we adhere to the protocols of online training, we like to conduct the classes in an easy-going and friendly environment. The main aim of our German Online Training course is to make you gain proficiency and mastery in the language & culture so that you get equal opportunities as an Indian student/professional to make a name in German society.

Founder's Message

Founder's message - Shubhani Jain

Shubhani Jain

Over a decade had passed since I first came to Germany and began working as a research chemist in Ulm. Additionally, I got an opportunity to explore German heritage. I was drawn to their way of life and language. Then I began learning the German language gradually and became passionate about it. I thought of turning my passion for the German language to foster and leverage the Indian community. Hence, I began working as a trainer in the German language. Many of my students who have finished their German language levels are currently enrolled in master’s degree programs at German institutions in a variety of fields. These students belong to various professions, i.e., Engineers, Doctors, Businessmen, or keen aspirants for higher studies in Germany. Several of them have relocated to German cities because of outstanding job offers from German corporations. The comments and praise I’ve received from the highly qualified pupils have been nothing short of fantastic. It gives me a sense of purpose and self-worth, motivating me to try new things.



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