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A2 (Elementry) Level of German Language

During this course you will be prepared for A2 Level Exam of German language conducted by Goethe Institute. This course will include all four module of language i.e. reading , writing , listening and speaking .The emphasis during the course will be given more on communicative approach of language.

After accomplishing this course, you will be able to understand ,Communicate and Express Yourself in everyday situations which include common and familiar topics i.e. Family, Shopping, Weather, Relationships, Employment, Health,Tradition and Culture and will be also be able to read, write and understand simple texts


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Course Content:

You will learn the following and more as part of the A2 curriculum:

  • Communication:To talk about communication methods/ To understand and write short messages and notes /To understand, write and react to the invitations
  • Appearance and looks:To discuss about Fashion trends/ To express own views/To communicate during shopping.
  • To take part in controversial discussion/ To compare the Objects, situations.
  • Shopping:To communicate during shopping/To request and ask politely about prefernces.
  • The first impression: To describe and compare people.
  • To expressing the past/ To give reasons/ To describe a picture.
  • Weather: To talk about the weather/ Climate/Nature/Landscape.
  • Travel and accomodation:To discuss about vacations/ To plan holiday activities mutually/ To discuss about travelling preferences/ Travel planning/ To inform oneself about accomodation.
  • In Restaurant:To express preferences/ To order and complaint in restaurant/To speak about others preferences.
  • Schooling and Jobs:To discuss about occupation/ Studies/Job trainings/ Schoolsystem
  • Relationships:To discuss about everyday activities/ Relationships/ Friendship/Extended family.
  • Tradition and culture:To discuss about art, culture and traditions / To plan mutually an appointment.
  • Festivals and celebrations:To discuss about german festivals and traditions /gifts associated with them.
  • Traffic,Health and Sport:To discuss about traffic situations/About traffic routes/To talk about sport/ health.


German Language Academy

Courses Name Fees Action
Beginner Level - A1
Elementry Level - A2
Intermediate Level - B1
Upperintermediate Level - B2
Advance Leval - C1
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