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German Course Beginner Level A1

To start with level A1,no prior knowledge of German language is mandatory.
During this course you will be prepared for A1 Level Exam of German language conducted by Goethe Institute.

The course will include all four module of language i.e. reading , writing , listening and speaking .The emphasis during the course will be given more on communicative approach of language.


Course Content:

You will learn the following and more as part of the A1 curriculum:

  • Understand and use familiar phrases everyday and common expressions and build simple sentences/ communicate in german in a simple manner.
  • Introduce yourself, talking about nativity, to tell and ask others about the wellbeing, / To ask the meanings of objects. To become acquainted with somebody/something /To greet others.
  • Naming Numbers/To tell or ask Telephone numbers.
  • To ask and tell Time/To tell official and unofficial time / Expressing dates /naming days, months/To tell when one has day off.
  • To take doctors appointment / Communicate during shopping and day to day activities /At work /With friends .
  • To ask about the leisure time and preferences(likes)/To speak about the family.
  • To speak about the occupation/To speak about date of birth and age.
  • To buy and exchange objects/ To speak about the costs/Costs and currency in German speaking countries.
  • In Restaurant:To order and pay/ Food and Drinks / Naming groceries.
  • To talk about needs,likes and habits.
  • To describe the daily routine.
  • Requirements and Abilities:To talk about , what one can do.
  • Feelings :To talk about feelings and moods.
  • Intentions and Permissions:To talk about , what one wants to do and what one is allowed to do.
  • Orientation in a new City: to describe the way, to discuss about the funiture and where is situated in an appartment, to describe about homecountry.
  • To discuss day to day life problems and their solutions i.e.Sickness, having a small appartment, broken car, stolen mobile, To make doctors appointments, to give advices, to react to problems.
  • To speak about modes of transport/ Travel/ Travel planning / To book a hotelroom/To check train and flights connections/ To discuss about the weather.
  • To talk about use of media i.e. newspaper/televission/radio/internet.
  • To discuss about rules and regulations/ about preferences/ german festivals and tradition/authorization and prohibitions.


German Language Academy

Courses Name Fees Action
Beginner Level - A1
Elementry Level - A2
Intermediate Level - B1
Upperintermediate Level - B2
Advance Leval - C1
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